Well, hello!

It's so nice to see you!

Yes, this is yet another blog. However, I hope you can see it a little differently than others. Can you imagine a campfire?

This is a place for storytelling.

These are stories about the travels of two people— myself and the man of my most preferred company on earth. 

How we came to be where we were, and where we are now is a tale I will have to tell another time.

Nevertheless, here are some key principles of these little memoirs: You can be at home anywhere in the world. The happiest things in life are shared. And, to have a truly rich and memorable life, one must do a lot of different things.

I certainly do not pretend to be any kind of travel-knowing wizard or an adventuring expert
. This is simply what we found there, and the stories that I have to share with you.

Wishing you the very happiest in all things, and hoping to see you again soon!