• Stories from Fiji: Part I

    Our first Fijian impression was a delirious one. We arrived at the break of dawn in the Nadi airport. With several hours until our next flight, David finagled a day-rate at a nearby hotel where we collapsed. We had no idea how fortunate and necessary a generous layover would be. For future reference, standard
    airline protocol is mostly forgotten in Nadi.

    After a good snooze and shower, we headed back toward the airport for our final destination: Savusavu. How we arrived there could be seen as either terrifying, or fantastic. We boarded an itty-bitty plane that had no working A/C, open access to the cockpit, and doors that did not shut air-tight.

    All that being said, the views during our circa hour-long flight made up for its unsettling aspects… We could truly see the evidence of Fiji being an archipelago, a word I find myself saying far too infrequently. Islands, islets, and fringing reefs. All washed in colors without comparison, except perhaps tropical fish scales and bird feathers. From sky to sea, everything was painted blue and turquoise.

    The Fijian landscape was fabulous from an aerial and eye level. The amount of lush vegetation made me so happy. Just breathing was more enjoyable amidst all that photosynthesis! Our accommodations were wonderful, too, and we had plenty of time ahead to bask in our little paradise.