• Stories from Fiji: Part VI

    As gems fill a treasure chest, fish flourish in Fiji's waters. However, if you are familiar with tales of treasure, you know adversities always precede your map's marked "X."

    Snorkeling makes me feel and act awkwardly. Breathing through my mouth, fogging up my goggles, chewing on a plastic tube, and gulping unexpected bursts of briny water. Anything that involves gear typically makes me into a mess.

    As he is in many things, David is my complete opposite. He is reasonable and delightful in these scenarios. But, I do my best to act as if the glass is half full, even if it is filled with salt water.

    Fiji's “Hidden Paradise,” as Savusavu is known, was indeed an aquatic treasure trove. Buried under deep waters near a reef's drop-off, or in more shallow depths, there was much to be seen. If prisms produced fish instead of tiny rainbows, it would be very similar to the sights of Fiji's reefs. All amidst multicolored coral and sponges. We even saw a sting ray.

    Though my snorkeling struggles were clearly more laughable than dire, Fortune still favors the bold.